Detailed kundali analysis for a successful marriage.

Marriage is not just a relationship between two persons. Based upon the Hindu tradition, marriage is a bond between two horoscopes. For a blissful relationship, the Hindus ensure their compatibility of this solemn lifelong binding through marriage compatibility techniques.

Kundli Milan of a couple is chalked out after analyzing their birth stars and planet positions. The sages initially devised 20 aspects, and currently, the astrologers analyze ten aspects for each person. Astrologer Darshna Rana offers appropriate analysis for the horoscopes combined with the earth Kundli Milan analysis. All she needs is their birth date, time, and place for analyzing the data and their future as a couple.

Understand your problems before searching for a solution. Each person has their own set of ups and downs in their Life. Facing obstacles in your Life and business is quite common, and with a perfect kundali analysis, one can reduce the severity of the problem. Some of the major obstacles can occur in the form of a financial crisis, poor relationships, remaining childless, poor health, and constant obstacles in business.

Even though it is impossible to avoid them completely, you can reduce the severity through advanced Kundli checking performed by the leading Astrologer Dharshna Rana with a detailed report on solutions available.

Maintaining accuracy with 100% guaranteed predictions and solutions.
Nowadays, creating your own Kundli and getting a future prediction has become quite common. But the accuracy and the quality of the prediction cannot be backed up with a 100% guarantee. Astrologer Darshna Rana offers detailed Kundli creation that includes your birth chart along with the positive and negative aspects of your Life. Her services offer you clarity in Life and allow you to receive comprehensive solutions for resolving the obstacles on time.

Along with Kundli’s creation and matchmaking, she also offers solutions for all your obstacles. Here are the pricing details for each service offered by her.

Astrology Consultation

Astrologer Darshna Rana offers exclusive astrology consultation through a one-on-one call or chat. She is open to all types of questions, and our astrologer has suitable answers for all your problems.

Match Making

Enjoy an exclusive one-time matchmaking service to analyze your compatibility for a peaceful and blissful married life.

Janma Patrika

Most people prepare the janma Patrika of a person within ten days of their birth. If you lack your birth chart, contact your birth details to prepare your kundali for future business analysis and Kundli Milan. Astrologer Darshna Rana’s Janma Patrika generations are often combined with a detailed analysis on your birth chart combined with future predictions.

Match Making

Finding a suitable groom on the first attempt is quite impossible for most parents. So Astrologer Darshna Rana offers an unlimited one-year package that allows you to check the couple’s compatibility throughout the year with the fixed fee amount.

Vastu Tips

Vastu is a concept used in construction to reduce the negative energies and attract positive energies within the building. Constructing a house or business office requires an appropriate Vastu strategy to reduce the issues in Life and avoid financial troubles. Astrologer Darshna Rana offers personalized remedial solutions to make your Life successful.

Numerology Consultation

Numerology is a type of pseudoscientific belief that analyses the issues in your Life based upon the numerical values in your name and business name. From businesses to childbirth, Astrologer Darshna Rana offers you suitable numerology consultation for development and positivity in Life.

Astrology Consultation

Combined with the above services, Astrologer Darshna Rana offer solutions for all your queries related to House Wise Analysis Personality, Finance, health, Education, Marriage partnership, Health, Travel, Spirituality, Career Profession, Friends, gain benefits, relationship, Personalized Remedial Solutions, Divisional Chart Analysis, Yogas and doshas in Kundali, Nakshatra Interpretation, and Sade Sati to gain more advantage clients can book our 1-year astrology consultation package that allows you to consult with the astrologer with no time limit. The information is secured, and she offers complete privacy during the consultation.

Some of our exclusive services include

  • Identifying best suitable career (business) choices for you
  • Education-based advice
  • Family Disputes
  • Solution for Marriage and Manglik with non-mangalik
  • Solution for relationship issues
  • Solution of delay and disputed marriage life
  • Auspicious time for childbirth, Graha Pravesh, and job.
  • Medical astrology for better health
  • Know the Negative and positive effects of Shani sade shati
  • Work-based on horoscope
  • Property dispute reason and suggestion
  • Foreign education and abroad settlement
  • The negative and positive effects of Rahu, mangal
  • Job vs Business
  • Properties & finance prediction
  • Identifying Obstacles that prevents your professional growth
  • Best time for a Job change or venturing into a New Business
  • Partnerships in Business
  • Best suitable Directions & Countries for Business
  • Issues in Office with Boss
  • Promotion
  • Personal Career Graph
  • Improve finances through Job or Business
  • Gains/Losses in the upcoming future
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