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Vedic astrology, otherwise popularly known as Jyotisha, is an ancient Indian science that predicts your past, present, and future through planetary motions and their positions concerning time. The concept revolves around zodiac signs, planet movements, and stars. A Vedic astrology specialist can accurately analyze your chat and edit your future. They are used to analyze the problems in your chart for business development, financial improvement, and physical illness.

Astrologer Darshna Rana offers high-quality security over the information entered through online portals. Everything is kept safe within your portal, from your chat to the predictions. She refers to the information only during the prediction.

Astrologer Darshna Rana is open for consultation, and she offers a clear picture of your purpose and mission in LifeLife. All you need to do is book an appointment based on your requirement choice. The astrologer is open for both offline and online consultations. The details can be sent through WhatsApp messages, and the horoscope report will be sent back in the same way. Similarly, customers can also log in to the website portal through OTP for exclusive astrological predictions.

Astrologer Darshna Rana is open for payment, and the clients can choose their mode of payment. The payment can be completed through direct deposit within the account through Gpay and other online modes. Once the final payment is made, a time slot will be given for the clients within the next 24 hours for a direct chat or call. The clients can also contact our 12-hour phone service for urgent questions from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Astrologer Darshna Rana acknowledges your valuable time, and hence the entire process is made smooth and efficient. All you need to do is pay the amount, book your time slot, and chat with the astrologer during that time.

For a detailed prediction and appropriate solution, the clients are required to submit their date of birth, time of birth, and birthplace for creating their own Janam Patrika and answer your questions based on the planet positions.

Astrologer Darshna Rana offers a 100% refund policy for all our clients. Clients who have booked their appointments and yet have time for their consultation can cancel their appointment with a 100% refund. Similarly, non-satisfied clients can also seek a 100% refund option.

Clients can receive their janma Patrika through courier within seven days of consultation. The consultation can be made either through phone or direct chat.

Combined with online chat and WhatsApp consultation, the clients can also go for the online zoom call consultation with appropriate booking and fee payment.

Astrologer Darshna Rana offers various astrological services, including Kundli Milan, Kundli analysis, Kundli creation for matchmaking, janma Patrika, numerological consultation, personality analysis, finance, health, business, decisions, career decisions, identifying yogas and doshas in Kundli, and finally for receiving remedial solutions.